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About VW World Series

VW World Series is a collection of photographs of dead, dying or unusual VW Beetles and Combis/Microbuses from around the world. Through my work in international development, I have been able to travel to many countriesI since the late 80’s.

The widespread popularity of the iconic VW’s around the world range from  practical tools to cherished collector's items. My interest stems from being a surfer whose dream vehicle was to own either a Beetle or Combi. Unfortunately, I could never afford one until much later in life.

VW World Series started off as a small joke to myself and ended up as a journey capturing VW's that I find on my travels. It has become a tribute to vehicles we see less and less of every year.

My main photographic interest is in environmental portraiture. To photograph people in their own environment, in their setting, at their ease. Creating a connection to place.

See also my travel images and portraits at www.sittingimages.com

David Constantine MBE – 2020

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